Afternoon friends!
During the month of September, we are focused on helping you do more with video as part of your overall digital marketing strategy. As discussed in previous weeks, the benefits of using video in your marketing mix include:
  • Showing instead of telling
  • Bringing your products or services to life
  • Allowing your enthusiasm and passion to shine through, like our client Dave does here!  
  • A wider audience due to social sites pushing video over written content or images
We also discussed the pluses and minuses to pre-recorded vs. live video.
Today, I want to encourage you to take action! I’ve included some immediate steps you can take in the next two weeks to begin using video more in your digital marketing.
1. Apply for LinkedIn Live! Currently, LinkedIn is only allowing a select number of users to broadcast live from their platform. You can apply using this link and let them know how you plan on using the feature. I don’t know how or why they choose some over others, but you have nothing to lose by applying!
2. Use Facebook or Instagram Live and start a weekly video series. Choose a day of the week that works best for you and a topic that you can build on each week. For example, we consulted with a travel agency and helped them begin a show where they focused on a different destination each week. Agents took turns so it didn’t become too overwhelming for one person. The show was very successful and they plan on continuing it when travel restrictions ease.
3. Shoot a message about how you’re keeping people safe during Covid. We have a Periodontal client that shot a video about the safety procedures they’ve implemented to keep their patients safe when they visit their office.
4. Order a tripod for your camera phone. Most of us are using our phones to shoot video and it’s a lot easier to have a stable tripod to hold the phone instead of a shaky hand. Here’s the one that I use!
Doing one or more of these actions will help you get started in using video more for your business. All of the major social sites are betting heavy on video now and into the future. It’s important that we get comfortable using video is a consistent ingredient in our overall marketing mix. 
Have a great rest of the week!
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