Last week, we brought on a new client and had our kickoff call with the owner and his team. We were creating content for his September content calendar and he was telling us about the differences between the craftsmanship and quality of their work versus their competition. After jotting down all the specific parts and the extra steps they take to create a superior product, he asked if he could ‘show’ us what he was talking about. Thank goodness we were recording the Zoom call, because his energy lit up and his enthusiasm skyrocketed as he took us station to station walking us through the process. What went from confusing, overwhelming and dry, was made clear, concise and entertaining by simply changing the medium. 
Another client of ours is bringing their leadership training to rural towns via digital learning. We started with bullet points of why they chose these areas and how digital would be far more effective than face-to-face. But the context was lost in the written translation. We needed to see and hear her. Once they hit record, we could see the passion and enthusiasm in her as she shared why they chose those specific locations and how they could reach these areas thanks to digital learning. She showed us the value instead of telling us…and it worked!
In what ways can you SHOW us instead of tell us? 
Is it a virtual tour? A behind-the-scenes look? Or an impassioned message sharing the value of your offering?
The beauty of video is that it can still be translated into written copy. It doesn’t work as well the other way around. We often take video of our clients and use it as newsletter copy or blog posts.
The action I’d like you to take is to create some short videos showcasing your value. I suggest 1-2 minutes in length and an iPhone (or Android) or other camera will suffice. If shooting outward, make sure to shoot horizontal to make for better social media posts.
Check out this hilarious video of Vertical Video Syndrome:
Talk to your team and brainstorm ways you can SHOW me instead of TELL me. And nothing would make my day more than to have you show me your videos. Tag me on social or send them to me at
Make it a great day!