Hello Friends!
During the month of September, we are focused on helping you incorporate video into your digital marketing mix. Last week, we talked about the importance of ‘showing’ us (video) instead of ‘telling’ us (written content) and the types of content that translate best to video. This week, I want to help you determine the best strategy to deploy your video. Most of the major digital platforms (Facebook, IG, LinkedIn, YouTube) give us the choice of uploading a pre-recorded video or broadcasting a live video. Often I am asked which option I prefer, and my answer is always the same: it depends!
They both have pluses and minuses, and it really depends on the video topic and our desired outcomes.
Here’s a quick snapshot of the pros/cons of Live vs. Pre-Recorded 
So when should you go Live, and when is it best to create a more professional pre-recorded video? Let’s talk through a few examples:
1. On location (at an event, showroom, destination, etc.). Verdict: LIVE! 
2. Virtual tour (real estate, hotel, office, vehicle). Verdict: Pre-recorded! 
3. Video series (Ask the expert, Motivation Monday, Fridays with Phil (if your name is Phil :), Verdict: LIVE! 
4. Promotional video (Launch of a new product, commercial, testimonial montage. Verdict: Pre-recorded! 
As you can see, the answer really depends on the type of video you’re creating. The more permanent and prominent the video, the more I’d lean towards pre-recorded. And the more spontaneous or episodic, the more I’d go with live on the social platform that makes the most sense.
What type of videos are you planning for the next few months? And are leaning towards live or pre-recorded? We’ll post this eTip on our social and would love to hear your video ideas!
Enjoy the rest of your week!