When I lived in Michigan, the words ‘black ice’ would keep me off the roads for weeks. Being from Florida, I never learned the tricks for safely driving my car when it was suddenly on skis. Turn right if you’re skidding left? Or was it turn into the skid? I don’t think I ever got above 15 mph, so it didn’t matter much.

Anyway, last week, I asked you to do a digital audit of your online presence. I gave you a series of questions and asked you to put yourselves in the minds of your prospects. If you were in holiday mode and unplugged from email (good on you!) – I’ve listed those questions below for reference.

The goal of this exercise is for you to uncover ‘black ice’ on the road to doing business with you. 

Here are some common patches of black ice that I find when doing digital audits for businesses:
* Website is tough to navigate on a mobile device.
* A negative review.
* Unmanaged social media profiles.
* Unprofessional or inconsistent social media content.
* No phone number!
Prospects rarely ever tell us why they don’t buy. They just move on or, worse yet, they move on to our competition.

I think January is a great month to make some changes to our online presence to remove any black ice that might be derailing a potential sale.

Next Tuesday, January 12th, I’m doing a free webinar just for our subscribers to help you create a plan to seek out and eliminate any black ice. Here’s the link to register: Zoom

I hope you’ll join us and take the month of January to create a clear online path for people to reach your business destination.

Take 15 minutes and pretend you’re a prospect. Google yourself, take a look at your LinkedIn profile, or read one of your eNewsletters. Look at your digital marketing through the eyes of others. And then answer these questions:
  • Are you impressed by what you see?
  • Is it crystal clear what you do and who you serve?
  • Do you have any pages or profiles collecting dust or dying on the vine?
  • Is your content engaging? Valuable?
  • Are you confident by all the positive sentiment around your brand? Or is the lack of positivity or negative feedback letting doubt creep in?
  • Do you know what to do when you’re ready to buy? Is it easy to take the next step?
  • Are you truly proud of all of your profiles?

See you next Tuesday!