If you don’t mind waiting 30 minutes to get your food…
You should have told me before my appointment that your parking lot was full…
It felt more like a sauna than a hotel lobby…
They roam the internet looking for people and small businesses to attack. They spend hours, sometimes days, picking the perfect words to pick apart their prey. They hide in coffee shops or cubicles and rarely come out in the open to meet their target face to face.
These predators are known as Keyboard Warriors.
Now, the above might sound a little dramatic, but if you’re a business owner or individual who has been blindsided by a negative post online, then this feels very real to you.
The challenge with online reviews is simple: People are more motivated when they’re unhappy than when they’re happy.
And to me, that’s a problem – especially in challenging times like these. Our small, local businesses need us now more than ever. They need our support and, if the spirit moves us, they need our positive reviews.
By the way, I’m guilty as charged. I can’t count the number of times I swore to myself that I’d write the review and then let life get in the way. Last week, Jess and I had a great meal at a local Cuban restaurant, and I used the dreaded words, ‘I’ll write them a review when we get home.’ Luckily Jess knew my distractive tendencies, and so she pulled out my phone and insisted I do it before we left the restaurant.
This weekend, let’s not only support our local businesses but let’s also be POSITIVE Keyboard Warriors! Let’s collectively rain positivity on sites like Nextdoor, Yelp, and Google My Business. They won’t know what hit them!
If you post a review, I’d love to see it. Please email a screenshot to corey@impactsocialmedia.com.
Thank you in advance for supporting local businesses! Have a great weekend!