Today I have the privilege of delivering a presentation to one of my favorite repeat clients, Virtuoso Travel. They are the leading global network of travel agencies and travel advisors. And as you can imagine, it’s been a tough 12 months in the travel industry.
So as I help them develop a social media strategy for the next 12 months and beyond, I’m asking them to be more like peacocks and less like ostriches. And I’m asking you to do the same.
Now is not the time to go silent, to wait it out, or plop our heads in the sand. Instead, it’s time for us to be out-front and outspoken in our expertise. In the case of travel advisors, people will eventually travel again – and this is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate their value and expertise in getting us back out there safely.
In 2021, the world will collectively begin to stick its toes back in the water. And as they do, we should be their lifeguards.
If you’re a dentist, chiropractor, or doctor, your job is to help us get back to our health maintenance and checkups that we may have skipped last year. If you’re a hotel, restaurant, or resort, you continue to remind us of the lengths you’ve taken to welcome us back safely.
Another way to be more like a peacock and less like an ostrich is with our existing customers. Instead of avoiding them or only connecting when we need something, how can we reach out and let them know we’re thinking about them? Just yesterday, my local bank branch manager called me to check in and see how our business was doing and if we needed any assistance with the second round of the PPP loan. He didn’t need anything and wasn’t selling any new products, just reaching out to check in and see if he could help.
What can you do to let your existing customers know you’re thinking about them? 
Here’s a tip: Go out and engage with their social media content. We’re all struggling for more engagement, so if you take just a few minutes and go like, comment, or share their posts, it will mean a ton!
The action I want you to take: Shoot more videos. The best way for us to be transparent, candid, and show our true ‘peacock’ colors is through video.
Okay, I’m off for some final preparation before my talk with Virtuoso. I’m really excited about helping them lead their clients back to traveling once again. To get out there and show their expertise, passion, and value through social media. More peacock, less ostrich.