If you’ve been connected with me for any length of time, you already know my stance on flashy new social media sites – I believe you should focus on a few instead of being a Jack of All Social Media Sites, Master of None. However, I also believe we should be taking full advantage of all the features the social media sites we use have to offer. As they release new features, they tend to play favorites to those who are early adopters. We saw this with Facebook Live and also Instagram Stories.
And now we see it happening with Instagram Reels. 
On Wednesday, I did a presentation for a Kitchen & Bath Association. My wife came down to my virtual studio (aka the basement) and shot some quick live footage that she uploaded as an Instagram reel. We got more views (16,000 as of this writing) and more likes than any post we’ve ever done. Although I think the quality of the post is decent, I truly believe the reason for the spike in engagement was the use of their newest feature.
To see my reel in action, click HERE.
I look at it as free advertising. When I use a new feature from a social media platform, they push it out more aggressively to encourage user adoption. I had the same experience with LinkedIn Live. Early last year, we saw a big spike in video views, likes, and comments when I went live on LinkedIn. They would put my video in feeds that I believe they wouldn’t ordinarily because they were promoting the new feature. We also saw these spikes dip back down as these features became more commonplace.
So what’s the action I want you to take? If Instagram is a platform you’re prioritizing, then I would start utilizing reels right away. It’s Instagram’s attempt at riding the TikTok wave, and it seems to be gaining momentum. So instead of embarking on an entirely new social network, work within a platform where you’re already established and explore new ways to deliver your content.
For further reading on IG Reels, click HERE.
Our team is actively looking for creative ways to use IG Reels for our brand and for our clients. As our top social media sites continue to roll out new features, we plan to Strike Hard and Strike Fast and reap the benefit of being early adopters. And yes, if you’re wondering, I am currently watching and enjoying the Cobra Kai series :).