Be the light and give the gift of laughter.
The world is not a perfect place, and if we need proof of this, we can usually turn to social media. There’s a negative connotation that comes with social media because of how negative it has become. But where there’s a challenge, there’s an opportunity! How can we create or share more content that brings a smile, giggle, or belly laugh to our audience?
“But Corey, I work in Insurance—that’s like the least funny industry in the world!”
Oh yeah? Watch this.
“Yeah, that’s great and all, but I don’t have Progressive’s bank account.”
Fair enough. Check out Insurance Guy Joe. In arguably one of the more stiff, boring, unfunny industries, Joe opts to be the light. Instead of banging us over the head with all the products he sells, he shares things that make us smile…feel good…and click the share button!
And with close to 3,000 followers on FB, I think he’s doing pretty well for a local insurance guy.
So am I telling you to turn your Facebook business page or LinkedIn profile into a comedy routine?
It’s still important to add value, educate, and remind people of what you offer. Maybe start with 20% fun, 80% business. If you do five posts per week, make sure at least one of them makes us smile, giggle, or belly laugh. In today’s times, we could certainly use it!
Extra advice:
We see funny memes and gifs all the time. But simply sharing those to your business pages can seem out of place or odd. The key is to have some sort of relevancy between what you post and your industry. For example, how can you relate the commercial I posted above to your industry? If you were in the dental industry, maybe you’d make the connection about today’s teeth whitening (or other procedure) vs. what your parents had to go through.
Have fun and be the light!
Have a great rest of the week,