When companies come to us with concerns over low social media engagement, we immediately look for a common symptom in their social posting strategy. Instead of having a variety of categories that make up a dynamic digital story, we often find a sea of static images that look more like a company brochure than an engaging social profile. If we scroll long enough, we will eventually find a rare post celebrating an employee’s anniversary or sharing a company outing—and more often than not, this post typically has more engagement than the previous ten combined.
Why is this the case? Because no matter the platform, this is social media, and people are generally there for social reasons. They’re looking for a break, to relax, or to kill time. They like to engage with posts that evoke some kind of emotion. Images of People (and, of course, cats, dogs, hamsters, frogs, etc.) tend to trigger emotion more than images of products or links to articles.
I also believe that people like having a connection with the individuals or businesses they support. They’re interested in the company culture and the people that make up the brand. Social media is a great place to share your company’s story.
Action to Take: It’s time to pull back the curtain and show the people side of our business. 
  • How can you showcase more of your team on social media?
  • What are some examples of your company culture that you can share on social?
  • Are there ways to allow team members to contribute to your social media?
  • What company events, activities, or celebrations can you capture on social?
  • What are other ways you can humanize your brand?
Let’s make our people a consistent part of our overall digital story.
Enjoy your Friday!