This week sort of feels like the eye of the holiday storm – a small break before we batten down the hatches and get in holiday mode once again. It’s a chance to get back to business and finish the year strong. But for many small businesses, this is a year they’d love to forget. Continued Covid challenges, The Great Resignation, and supply chain issues have wreaked havoc on many of our favorite small businesses.
Small businesses are the heart & soul of our local communities, and they need our support.
Unfortunately, as you’ve probably heard me say more than once:
“People are more motivated when they’re unhappy than when they’re happy.”
Everyone reading this (including myself) has been guilty of promising to leave a glowing review for a small business for a positive experience—only to later forget. I want to give us all the opportunity to right those wrongs.
Here is my ‘Small Business Challenge’ video—which outlines three things we can do this week to show public support for our favorite local small businesses online.
Will you join me?