Be Less Like the Squawking Parrot and More Like the Wise Owl

I was chatting with a friend of mine about the content on his LinkedIn profile. He told me he was trying to avoid being like the squawking parrot. That reference made me laugh as I’d never heard it before. I asked him where he’d heard that mentioned. “From you, man! You said it in a presentation years ago when I was in your audience. I’ve never forgotten it and always try to avoid being that darn parrot when I’m posting to social.”
Funny how certain things we say stick with people. I don’t recall ever using that analogy, but let’s go with it!
The squawking parrot is loud, annoying, and anguish on the ears. It’s a great deterrent for any house guest that overstays their welcome. It leaves most people running for the nearest exit.
Here are some common habits of the Squawking Parrot 🦜
  • They Over Promote
  • They Cluster Post
  • They Talk Politics (eek!)
  • They Phone It In
Would your audience liken your social media content to the sounds of a squawking parrot? If so, how can we work on being less of a squawking parrot and more like a wise owl?
Here are some common habits of the Wise Owl 🦉
  • They Educate
  • They Entertain
  • They Encourage
  • They Always Add Value
Let’s keep these beautiful birds atop our proverbial shoulders as a constant reminder to always be striving to serve our audiences instead of serving ourselves.