I believe it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who coined the phrase, “Don’t die with the music still in you.” 
I’ve heard that many times throughout my life, and it always hits a nerve with me. We all have valuable wisdom inside us, and sometimes it’s just difficult to get it all out! 
What music are you having trouble getting out? 
I know for many of us, our social platforms are excellent places for us to share our music. But some of us hate to write, others have no interest in shooting video, and some of us just despise social media altogether. 
So how do you get the music out? 
Here are a few ways we’ve helped our clients get the music out when they’ve had one or more of the objections above. 
  1. Zoom interview. We get on Zoom and interview our subject matter expert. We record the session and get it transcribed—so we have both the video and quality written content. 
  2. We send over a simple questionnaire. Our client fills it out, and we can use the answers as bite-size pieces of social media content. 
  3. Press the record button. Often, our clients give lectures, speeches, or conduct meetings where they deliver tremendous value. We can record these sessions and use “snippets of the video” on social media, using the transcription for additional social media material. 
These are just a few ways we (and you!) can pull the music out when needed. 
I’ll share a quick personal story of how I’ve had trouble getting the music out of me. 
Recently, I’ve not enjoyed writing. And yet, I feel a strong pull to get my 3rd book out and into the world. See the problem? 🙂 
With my first two books, I really enjoyed the routine of banging out chapters at the coffee shop. But with my latest book, I’ve found it to feel more like…dare I say…work! And what fun is that?!?
My wife Jessica picked up on this a month or so ago. She suggested that I find a different way to pull the content from head to paper.
“You like to talk…even get paid for it once in a while. Maybe you should speak the book.”
So we created a format where Jess and I would have a casual conversation and use the chapters of the book for our topics. We’d translate the content and pull the meat off the bone (so to speak) for the book.
I’ve found it to be fun, enjoyable, and hopefully valuable to those who want to watch, listen, or eventually read!
The action I want you to take
Consider the options above if you find it difficult to write social content, email copy, or even a book. 
Recommended sites:
I use REV.com as my transcribing tool of choice.
I use Zoom or Audacity to record video or audio.
I hope that’s helpful.
By the way, not only did we use the interview sessions for the book, but we decided to turn it into a podcast as well—bonus!
You can see it here.
And you can listen here (or wherever you like listening to podcasts).
We would love to have you check it out and let us know what you think. It would mean a lot.