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This week’s Minute Monday is…well…15 minutes. But I promise it’s time well spent!

I chatted with Fred Weiss on the topic of brand awareness. Specifically, we talked about whether or not to separate your personal and business brand, how paid media plays a role in building your brand, and why delivering value is the best way to create awareness for you and your business.

Tech note: Fred uses Streamyard for his recording. I loved the way he seamlessly toggled from split screen to speaker view. We went for about 25 minutes, but he spends time editing it down to keep the meat and trim the fat. He’s a true professional.

Questions to ponder from the podcast:

  • Am I focusing on the right platforms that make the most sense for my business?
  • In what ways can I use paid content (social ads, boosted posts) to help me achieve my digital marketing goals faster?
  • Am I truly adding value to my audience? Am I answering their most common questions and helping them overcome their unique challenges?
  • Does it make sense for me to have one profile on each platform or should I have one for personal and one for business?

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Have an awesome week!