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A question I’m often asked is: Should I share my video content to one platform and syndicate across the rest, OR should I share it to each individual platform? 🧐

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I doubt you were shocked by the answer, as each of these social platforms wants you (and your audience) to be interacting directly with their site. The challenge, of course, is that it takes more time to upload videos to each platform. With that in mind, you will probably end up doing some of both based on the importance of the content you’re posting.

Action I want you to take:

  • I would recommend split testing this strategy and seeing if you see a major difference in results. Share a YouTube clip across all your social sites one week, and then try uploading a video to each platform the next. Although I think you’ll see better results with the latter, you may find the minor bump isn’t worth the extra effort. Or you’ll see such a spike that you’ll never syndicate again!

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