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Key Questions to ask yourself or your team:

1) Do We Have a Content Calendar? 🗓

Do you know what to post before the dreaded, “what should I post?!?” This is essential when it comes to social media content management and sanity!

A content calendar gives you a visual idea of what you have going out on social, and you and your team can work together to pull content from all areas of the business. The idea here is that if everyone knows that Tuesday is Testimonial Tuesday, then they will actively be looking for that content or sharing it with the person in charge when they have a testimonial come across their path.

2) Are We Being Consistent? 🤔

Consistency in your content quality, quantity, and posting schedule will help your brand build credibility, trust, and reputation. It will allow you to connect with your audience and build meaningful relationships. If you are choosing to NOT actively post on a platform, then it might be time to decide if you should delete or remove that profile all together. It may be doing you more harm than good.

Let me know what steps you or your team will take to make sure you are successful on social!

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Have an awesome week!