From Dance Floors to News Feeds 🪩

Getting people to comment and engage on your LinkedIn posts can be extremely challenging. I often share the ‘wedding’ analogy with our clients when it comes to motivating people to comment.

When it’s time to get dancers on the dance floor, the bride and groom are typically first, followed by the bridal party, and then everyone else. For those of us who would prefer the open bar to the dance floor, having a pre-arranged group go first often makes the electric slide less daunting.

So, what does this have to do with commenting on your posts? Get your team to be your bridal party. If you ask a question or share a video on LinkedIn, remind your team to comment on the post. Often, this will encourage others to join in the conversation and help make your post more visible to a larger audience. 

Take Action:

  1. Designate a few people to be your ‘wedding party’ and encourage them to comment or ask a question on your LinkedIn post. 
  2. Once they comment, respond to keep the conversation going. 
  3. See if this helps get others to join the conversation and get your message out to more people. 

The question I’m often asked: 

‘Does this work on other platforms?’ Yes, it can, but not as well as it does on LinkedIn. LinkedIn views comments as the highest form of engagement and will reward you with pushing your post out to more of your followers and connections. 


Create compelling content on LinkedIn and encourage others to engage in the conversation. Ask friends, colleagues, or team members to post a few comments or questions to get the conversation started. 



In a world cluttered with curated content and polished posts, Authentically Social is your ticket to breaking free from the facade and building a real connection with your digital audience.