A non-negotiable for an effective social media strategy . . .

With over 15 years of experience as a digital marketing agency, a few hard and fast rules have made themselves clear. One more than any other is the importance of having a Content Calendar. 

A well-thought-out content calendar is a business’s best friend, ensuring all team members stay organized and posts are timely and relevant. Here’s a quick case study of a content calendar we created for a longstanding client and how it has streamlined their social media strategy.

The Family Physicians Association: A Case Study

Let’s start by looking at a specific example of how a content calendar can be used effectively. Our team worked with a family physicians association, which had multiple events and activities going on throughout the year. The association also provides educational resources, advocates for healthcare policy, and offers a spotlight on its physician members. Their social media profiles, however, were a hodgepodge of posts with no consistency or cohesiveness.

The Solution: A Six-Day Content Calendar

To address this issue, our team implemented a structured content calendar for the client. We identified six main categories of content that were relevant to the association’s activities and scheduled these for specific days of the week. This ensured that each day of the week had a specific theme, making it easier for us to create and curate content.

The six content categories included:

  • Events & Activities: Daily updates on the association’s events.
  • Educational & Advocacy: Weekly posts on healthcare policy and advocacy.
  • Spotlight: Weekly features on the association’s physician members.
  • Resources & Tools: Weekly posts offering healthcare resources.
  • Member Benefits: Weekly highlights of association membership benefits.
  • Pop Culture & Trends: Monthly posts linking association activities to current trends.

The Results: A Full Digital Narrative

With the content calendar in place, our client was able to streamline their social media strategy. They now had a clear plan for each day of the week, ensuring that their social media profiles were no longer a hodgepodge of posts.

The content calendar also helped to increase accountability. The association’s team knew exactly what was expected from them each day, making it easier for them to plan ahead and gather the necessary resources.

Furthermore, the content calendar improved the client’s engagement. The consistent posting, along with the variety of content, kept their audience interested and engaged.

In conclusion, a content calendar is a powerful tool for any organization’s social media strategy. It helps to keep you organized, ensures your posts are timely and relevant, and simplifies the planning of content. If you’re not already using a content calendar, it’s time to start. Remember, consistency is key in the world of social media. Happy posting!



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