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Are you creating social proof?

What is social proof? Here's how it's defined on Wikipedia: Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation. When someone visits our website or social media profiles, we want people to feel like [...]

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Brilliant Social Media Advice…or Superbowl Nonsense?

Happy Monday to you!  Did you enjoy the game last night? As a diehard Dolphins fan, it's a tough pill to swallow to see the Pats win another one. But next year is our year! Or just one before I die please! :) Anyway, I learned a valuable content marketing lesson during the Super Bowl [...]

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Why I’m Bullish on Facebook Groups

During a recent speaking event, I explained to the audience why I'm so bullish on Facebook groups. Here was my explanation: Ever since Facebook's IPO, they've been much more aggressive in looking for ways to drive revenue. Their primary target has been Facebook business pages. A few years ago, it wasn't uncommon to reach a [...]

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The Year of Digital Authenticity

Happy New Year to you all! With a new year comes the proverbial questions about the next big thing in digital marketing.  I think a better thing to focus on is what we can do better to get better results. This year we are putting a major emphasis on digital authenticity.  What does that mean? [...]

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Nostalgia – are you using it in your marketing?

I don't envy anyone in the advertising world today. People are finding new ways to avoid ads and attention spans seem to be getting shorter and shorter. So it's even more impressive when advertisers successfully capture consumer attention. The other night, I was watching some football with friends (no FSU jokes please! :). The GEICO [...]

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Content

A big push for us in 2015 is to help our clients create more compelling content on the platforms where their customers and prospects are spending the most time. In fact, I've designed a brand new workshop on this very topic for 2015 and 2016. Visit for more info. I'd like to encourage you to join us in thinking about [...]

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Time to take Instagram seriously…

Just this past week, I met with our team of Social Media Managers and we brainstormed ideas on how to create a stronger presence on Instagram. One of the ideas we came up with was to capture short customer testimonial videos and upload them to Instagram. Videos on Instagram can only be 3-15 seconds in [...]

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Make the Most of Your Client Recommendations

"People are more motivated to review a person/business when they're unhappy than when they're happy. We must be proactive in requesting reviews from champion customers." -Corey Perlman My friend, Tricia Molloy, shares some helpful places to use a positive review or testimonial when you get them. As a reminder, we are about two weeks away [...]

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Are you striking a chord with your readers?

Friends, I was on a call with a client this week and as we were wrapping up, he wanted to share one more thing. He asked if I remembered a video I posted on Valentines Day. Valentines Day? That was like 47 emails ago! He jogged my memory by telling me every detail about the [...]

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5 Tips from the book, Social Media Overload!

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