Are You Using a Content Calendar?

Click above to watch Corey’s latest Minute Monday! Key Questions to ask yourself or your team: 1) Do We Have a Content Calendar? 🗓 Do you know what to post before the dreaded, “what should I post?!?” This is essential when it comes to social media content management and sanity! A content calendar gives you a

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Want to reach younger buyers?

Click above to watch Corey’s latest Minute Monday! If you’re like me, you’ve spent your entire social media existence navigating the newsfeed vertically – scrolling from top to bottom on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The younger generations have grown up navigating social media much differently – scrolling left to right (think IG/FB Stories, Snapchat,

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To @Tag or Not to @Tag – that is the question!

Should you tag people? Absolutely! Tagging people gives you the opportunity for more engagement! But on today’s #MinuteMonday, I also explain when NOT to tag to avoid being downgraded by the algorithm. Listen below for my tips on when and when not to tag a person or business. Click above to watch Corey’s latest Minute

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Get Better Algorithm Juice 📈

Click above to watch Corey’s latest Minute Monday! A question I’m often asked is: Should I share my video content to one platform and syndicate across the rest, OR should I share it to each individual platform? 🧐 Watch the video above to hear my answer. I doubt you were shocked by the answer, as

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Personal Brands vs. Business Brands

Click above to watch Corey’s latest Minute Monday! This week’s Minute Monday is…well…15 minutes. But I promise it’s time well spent! I chatted with Fred Weiss on the topic of brand awareness. Specifically, we talked about whether or not to separate your personal and business brand, how paid media plays a role in building your brand, and

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LinkedIn Newsletter Update!

I got some great feedback on a previous Minute Monday regarding LinkedIn Newsletters. One of our awesome clients, Amber, asked me if this is something we could do on her organization’s LinkedIn Company Page. I was unsure if the feature existed on company pages, so I investigated. This week’s #MinuteMonday will give you the answer!

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