We’re Hiring!

Impact Social Media is growing—we are looking to add a Digital Marketing Strategist to our team!    Why You’d Want to Join Us We are a small and nimble company. Our team members wear many hats and closely support each other. We’re completely virtual, which allows us to work from home and offer a positive [...]

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Don’t tell me what to do…

I miss the good ol' days of social media. Yes, it was made up of mostly food pics and Farmville requests, but it was a new frontier—void of spam, unsolicited DMs, and fake profiles we so often see today. Facebook had friends, Twitter had conversations, and LinkedIn had networking. It was the golden age of [...]

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If Yoda gave out social media advice…

For many years, May 4th was simply the day before Cinco De Mayo! But Star Wars hysteria has made the day a cultural phenomenon that's celebrated around the world. According to, the origin of May the 4th Be With You dates all the way back to 1979, when Margaret Thatcher became the new British [...]

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Are you struggling to get the music out?

I believe it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who coined the phrase, "Don't die with the music still in you."  I've heard that many times throughout my life, and it always hits a nerve with me. We all have valuable wisdom inside us, and sometimes it's just difficult to get it all out!  What music are [...]

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Authenticity In Motion: Don’t Be a Squawking Parrot

Be Less Like the Squawking Parrot and More Like the Wise Owl I was chatting with a friend of mine about the content on his LinkedIn profile. He told me he was trying to avoid being like the squawking parrot. That reference made me laugh as I’d never heard it before. I asked him where [...]

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How to Leverage LinkedIn’s Love of Comments & Conversation

Last week was one of the busiest and wildest week's of my life. It spanned four cities, three keynote presentations, and two amusement parks! The week began in Orlando for the National Speakers Association Winter conference and it was jam packed with wisdom and powerful takeaways. One presenter that stood out for me was Richard Bliss and his [...]

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Virginia may be for Lovers, but LinkedIn is for Closers

I'm often asked why I talk about certain social media sites and not others. The answer is simple: I talk about the sites where our clients have seen results—and I ignore the rest. Over the past decade, we’ve seen more appointments made, phones ringing, and cash registers ca-ching on LinkedIn than any other platform. It’s [...]

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Your Social Media New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy Friday, Friends! I hope you had a great holiday season and your New Year is off to a happy and HEALTHY start! Although January is almost over, I thought it would be helpful to share a few social media resolutions that can set us all up for success in 2022. Our company is also [...]

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Doing Good is Good for ‘Small’ Business

This week sort of feels like the eye of the holiday storm - a small break before we batten down the hatches and get in holiday mode once again. It's a chance to get back to business and finish the year strong. But for many small businesses, this is a year they'd love to forget. [...]

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Talk More About your Baristas, Less About your Coffee

When companies come to us with concerns over low social media engagement, we immediately look for a common symptom in their social posting strategy. Instead of having a variety of categories that make up a dynamic digital story, we often find a sea of static images that look more like a company brochure than an [...]

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