With Social Media, Can You Spread Yourself Too Thin?

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! Should you have a presence on all the platforms or double-down on a few? I give you my answer in this week's Monday Minute. Now that you've watched the video, it's time to figure out which features make the most sense for your business. Live? Stories? Reels? [...]

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Boring _____ are the reason people are not watching your videos.

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! Answer: Titles I’m not watching your video…if you don’t tell me WHY I should. Happy Monday, Friends! Your video title's job is to encourage, entice and excite me to want to watch more. Don't waste that precious real estate. Whether your video is 1 minute or 10 minutes long, [...]

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A Better Way to Deliver Your Content

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! When it comes to your: 👉 Social media content 👉 Email marketing 👉 Blog post 👉 LinkedIn professional summary 👉 Press releases 👉 Or other digital content Try Bullets over Paragraphs! Why? Because: 👉 People tend to scan instead of reading 👉 Less is more 👉 We like to learn in lists Action I want [...]

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Don’t Let Invoice Time be the Only Time Your Customers Hear From You!

Do you have consistent check-ins with clients? Or do they only hear from you when you need something or at invoice time? Do you make it a point to try and connect with them on social media? Why or why not? How can you do a better job of letting your customers know you're thinking [...]

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Captions are 🔑 find out why!

50% of People Watch Video with the Sound Off! Action I want you to take: Try using Rev.com to burn in captions on your next video. Question: What's your favorite resource to add captions to video? Let us know here. Be sure to stay tuned each week for more tips from my series Minute Mondays! 1 Minute ⏰ 1 Tip [...]

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We’re Hiring!

Impact Social Media is growing—we are looking to add a Digital Marketing Strategist to our team!    Why You’d Want to Join Us We are a small and nimble company. Our team members wear many hats and closely support each other. We’re completely virtual, which allows us to work from home and offer a positive [...]

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Don’t tell me what to do…

I miss the good ol' days of social media. Yes, it was made up of mostly food pics and Farmville requests, but it was a new frontier—void of spam, unsolicited DMs, and fake profiles we so often see today. Facebook had friends, Twitter had conversations, and LinkedIn had networking. It was the golden age of [...]

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If Yoda gave out social media advice…

For many years, May 4th was simply the day before Cinco De Mayo! But Star Wars hysteria has made the day a cultural phenomenon that's celebrated around the world. According to Starwars.com, the origin of May the 4th Be With You dates all the way back to 1979, when Margaret Thatcher became the new British [...]

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Are you struggling to get the music out?

I believe it was Dr. Wayne Dyer who coined the phrase, "Don't die with the music still in you."  I've heard that many times throughout my life, and it always hits a nerve with me. We all have valuable wisdom inside us, and sometimes it's just difficult to get it all out!  What music are [...]

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Authenticity In Motion: Don’t Be a Squawking Parrot

Be Less Like the Squawking Parrot and More Like the Wise Owl I was chatting with a friend of mine about the content on his LinkedIn profile. He told me he was trying to avoid being like the squawking parrot. That reference made me laugh as I’d never heard it before. I asked him where [...]

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