Webinar Recording Link, Special Book Rec & Milo’s Birthday

Happy Thursday Everyone! Whew, so much to cover. First, we had a great webinar on Tuesday - Jodi and I took folks behind the scenes and shared all the issues we look for when doing a digital audit. We went through common mistakes we find when reviewing websites, social media profiles and directories, and then [...]

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Make sure your business is better off on the other side of Covid!

What can we be doing from a digital media standpoint to make sure we're better off on the other side of Covid than when we started? I recently conducted another webinar for one of our clients where I shared some things to do (and not to do) as we navigate our businesses through this pandemic. And this time, I [...]

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How to Stay ‘Top of Mind’ With Prospects

If you can manage to be 'Top of Mind' when a prospect moves from research mode to buy mode, you have an excellent chance of winning their business. The challenge is staying on the radar without frustrating or annoying the very people you're hoping to eventually serve. Here's a list of do's and don'ts for winning the [...]

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The secret to digital marketing success…

Is Staying ’Top of Mind’ with prospects from the time they're in research mode to when they’re ready to buy. And doing so without frustrating or annoying them. Here are just some of the ways we help our clients stay connected to their audience: And here are a few best practices for maximum effectiveness: - [...]

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Snapchat and Instagram: Millennials are using them and so should you!

When it comes down to it, social media is all about connection. This is true for pretty much everyone who scrolls through Facebook, sends out a tweet, or uses a filter to place over their Instagram picture of their morning coffee. Yes, these social sites are fun and, yes, they allow us to express creativity, [...]

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What A Millennial Wants From Social Media

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz around the term “Millennial”. Suddenly, everyone began to try to understand what this “new generation” was thinking and what they ultimately wanted. As a Millennial, I have always struggled to understand what made us so mysterious to other generations. After all, it seems to me that [...]

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Did You Download the FREE Bonus Materials?

Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of my latest book, Social Media Overload! Would you be wonderful enough to do me a HUGE favor and leave a brief (5-star, glowing, positive, poetic) review here Thank YOU in advance for your help with this - I truly appreciate your support. As you know, strong reviews [...]

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Social Media Words of Wisdom!

Social Media Words of Wisdom! It's almost time for Social Media Overload! to launch, and it includes some excellent guest authors. You're in for a treat and lots of extra social media knowledge! We have you covered with expert tips on YouTube, Twitter, websites, search engines, and so much more. The advice and words of wisdom below comes [...]

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Are you Cashing IN on LinkedIN?

Are You Cashing IN on LinkedIN? LinkedIn is a popular social network with many benefits, but are you getting the most from it? Much like any other social media outlet, the key is using it effectively. Below are some strategies direct from my new book, Social Media Overload!, that will help you build credibility and drive [...]

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Google+: The Next Generation of Social Networking

What is Google+?  Simply put, it’s Google’s answer to facebook and has quickly become the hottest new social network.  In just three weeks, Google+ has accumulated more than 10 million users and over 1 billion bits of content are shared daily via this new kid on the virtual block.  While Google+ is most popular among [...]

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