5 SEO Best Practices

Search engine optimization has changed a lot through the years, but many of the fundamentals of why and where you rank remain the same. I found this article very helpful in clearly defining the major areas that impact your search engine rankings. We've included the full article as well our own summary of the major [...]

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What’s Your Rank?

A question I'm often asked is about how Google determines where to rank Websites on their search engine. First of all, we know that it's crucial to have a solid website that draws people in. Even after our site passes an outsider's test, what does that mean for your Google rank?     Google can be [...]

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Google+: The Next Generation of Social Networking

What is Google+?  Simply put, it’s Google’s answer to facebook and has quickly become the hottest new social network.  In just three weeks, Google+ has accumulated more than 10 million users and over 1 billion bits of content are shared daily via this new kid on the virtual block.  While Google+ is most popular among [...]

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Google Enters the Social Media Sharing Game with +1

When you boil down Social media, it’s about sharing information with your friends, peers, co-workers, family and followers.  If you like something you’ve read on the web, You can tweet it, share it on Facebook, post it to LinkedIn, Digg it, Stumble it, buzz it, email it and that’s just the tip of the proverbial [...]

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Social Media and the Restaurant Industry

Many of my clients are restaurant owners.  Restaurant owners are a unique group of professionals, many of whom are hesitant to enter the social media space.  However, along with being a restaurant owner comes a whole new set of social media challenges.  Tripadvisor.com recently reported that an estimated 87% of travelers look to the web [...]

Google Analytics – Measuring Your Website So You Can Improve It

A friend of mine used to run a company that showed software developers how to create better software; on time and on budget - not an easy task when you consider the complexities involved in creating computer programs. The difference, he told me, between organizations that did it right and everybody else was measurement and [...]

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