Let us Take Care of Your Social Media Marketing

Our philosophy is simple:

  1. To create a professional digital footprint for your business that impresses and builds credibility with your visitors.
  2. To keep you Top of Mind with prospects from when they’re in research mode all the way until they buy.
  3. To help customers become online advocates and a referral source for new business.
  4. To establish you as thought leaders in your industry by creating valuable content on a consistent basis.

Why should you choose Impact Social as your Digital Marketing Agency? 

  1. We’ve been in business since 2009.
  2. We are proud to have grown year over year and currently have a roster of 40 clients.
  3. We have a TEAM of highly talented digital marketing specialists to service your account.
  4. Corey Perlman is a proven expert in the field with two bestselling books and consulted for brands such as Sysco Foods, Cox Media and The Dallas Cowboys.


  • Create an attractive WordPress blog crafted for search engine optimization
  • Update the blog with professional articles that your prospects will find valuable
  • Encourage readers to Take Action when they are in need of your products or services

Facebook Management

  • Create a professional, attractive Facebook Business page
  • Update the page consistently with valuable, engaging content
  • Softly-promote your products or services (exclusive discounts, free events, trials, previews, etc)
  • Facebook fan building strategies
  • Facebook advertising (if applicable)
  • Work with you and your team on how to use Personal Facebook Profiles to stay Top of Mind with clients.

Social Media Management

  • We make sure that all of your social media sites are updated consistently with high-value content.

Google Management

  • Build and maintain a presence on Google Local Business
  • Encourage reviews from your customers on your Google Local Business page
  • Make sure your Website is optimized properly for better Google rankings
  • Google adwords (if applicable)

eMail Marketing

  • Create custom email marketing pieces for your business
  • Send out emails and provide reports on each email’s effectiveness
  • Share emails in all of your social media assets

Other Services

  • Setting up a YouTube Channel and uploading videos
  • Setting up a Flickr Page and uploading photos
  • Building attractive and user-friendly Websites


“We’ve had the opportunity to partner with Corey for the last couple of years and he’s helped us to create a strategic social media presence in our market, push ourselves to try new things, and demonstrated creativity in his solutions. Not only do I appreciate what Corey has done for our business but I’ve been able to recommend Corey to several clients in our area and they’ve had great results as well. Let Corey help you and your company demystify what it takes to have a really great social media presence and make you someone people want to know and connect with.”

Tamara Anderson, Dale Carnegie Training of North Dakota

“Want to build your Social Media marketing but don’t have time to learn how, or much less, time to maintain it? Welcome to my world. I operate a Dale Carnegie franchise and I have found the perfect solution to this challenge – Corey Perlman and his team at Impact Social. After educating us on the ins and outs of Social Networking, Corey’s team built and now maintains our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and our blog. I never have to worry about our marketing in this area – no matter how busy I am – I can count on fresh and high quality content constantly being published. Check out our blog at www.dalecarnegiewayala.com. And this new world of marketing works too! We have had one the best years on record as our business is up over 32% from last year. ”

John Covert, Dale Carnegie Training of Alabama