Why Having a Blog May be the Most Important Investment Your Company Can Make

As a business professional, have you ever really stopped to think about the massive audience you have at your fingertips via the world wide web? The web is the status quo for how information is found today. If your child gets sick, is your first trip to the doctor's office or to your computer? I'm [...]

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Social Media and the Restaurant Industry

Many of my clients are restaurant owners.  Restaurant owners are a unique group of professionals, many of whom are hesitant to enter the social media space.  However, along with being a restaurant owner comes a whole new set of social media challenges.  Tripadvisor.com recently reported that an estimated 87% of travelers look to the web [...]

TBD Enterprises credits part of success to ‘eBoot Camp’ book

When you write a book, besides hoping you sell a lot of copies of said back, the biggest thing you hope for is that people will actually take what you’ve written, apply it in the real world and find success with it. Well, we’re pleased to announce that Bernie Ritchey and Tom Washburn did just [...]

New York City, we’re heading your way with a social media workshop

It’s always a good thing when we can get back to the Big Apple, and this time around we’ll be sharing some knowledge about social media as it relates to small business. These are important tools that each member of your team should be equipped with in order to effectively sell and represent your company. [...]

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Top 10 favorite business books

Communique PR, a Seattle-based public relations and strategic communications firm serving national and global clients, recently published their top 10 list of favorite business books. “eBoot Camp” is on the list, and we appreciate it, but thought the others were great as well, so we wanted to highlight them here. They are: “Delivering Happiness” by [...]

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