Facebook has announced that private messaging is at the core of their plans moving forward. This is very much in line with another recent announcement from the social media giant that they would be integrating their Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp platforms.

Data shows that people like messaging apps – particularly Facebook’s Messenger. The more personalized, intimate conversations have become much more appealing than the cluttered News Feed. And with the upcoming integrated messaging platform, the promise of being able to reach your customers without having to switch platforms is increasingly enticing for businesses as we continually reassess our marketing efforts.

People are also enticed by the sense of privacy afforded by messaging apps – Facebook is making the shift to encryption-protection across all its messaging platforms. It is comforting to know that your data and conversations cannot be compromised.
It remains to be seen how drastically, or if at all, this will change how people ultimately use and interact with each other on the social network…but Facebook sure sees things heading in a new direction. How do you see this affecting your marketing strategy?