As a speaker, we live and die by the feedback we get from our audience. Recently, I had an attendee come up and share the holy grail of compliments with me. She said, “Your talk was the highlight of my conference.” It made me feel so good that I literally skipped all the way back to my hotel room.
As soon as the door closed behind me, it hit me. I failed…badly. I would be the only person to ever hear or see her testimonial. I didn’t know her name or company. I let her walk away without even asking for her to share that sentiment online.
You: But Corey, you just shared her testimonial with us.
Me: Yeah, but it loses its power when we tell it 3rd person. It needs to come from her, preferably without our ability to edit or change it.
So learn from my mistake. When you hear kind words about your products or services, don’t let them go unwritten. Where can you ask them to post their testimonial or review? Google? Yelp? LinkedIn? Facebook?
People are more motivated when they’re unhappy than when they’re happy, so you need to ask and encourage when they’re happy!

I will never let a testimonial go unwritten.

One of my favorite parts of our 2-day eBoot Camp (Feb 18th and 19th – more details below) is I have you list your 3-5 greatest champions. Then I have you write to them and request a testimonial/review on the platform where your prospects are most likely to see it. This is one of the many things you’ll accomplish in this jam-packed two day event. Come join us!

You will spend dedicated time working on: 
– Your LinkedIn profile
– Your Website
– Your overall marketing content
– eMail, YouTube, Blog
– and more.
You’ll accomplish more in 2-days than you would the entire year!
Date: February 18th and 19th
Location: 4151 Ashford Dunwoody Rd,
Atlanta, GA 30319
– Easy access from airport to hotel via train (Marta)
– Hotel directly across from event: Hilton Garden Inn
(1501 Lake Hearn Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319)
We are extending the early bird rate for another week! 
$1,295 for both days (normally $1,500).
Early Bird Registration – NOW OPEN!

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