A Social Media Day for Your Company

Corey Perlman will conduct a private consultation with your company on the topics of Internet marketing and social media. Corey’s time can be spent with one group or multiple departments within your company. His goal is to make sure the company and its employees are in alignment with how to use social media to stay in touch with customers and generate new business. Although the content of what Corey covers is completely customizable to your company’s needs, below is a list of topics he typically covers.

Corey consulting with the Dallas Cowboys Sales team
Corey consulting with the Dallas Cowboys Sales team

Website evaluation

  • Is your Website meeting the needs of your customers?
  • Are you properly converting web traffic into leads?
  • How is your Website ranking on the search engines?
  • Does the content on your Website meet the needs of both your visitors and the search engines

Your Social Media Strategy

  • Where are your potential customers hanging out online?
  • How can you engage them there and build rapport?
  • How are you nurturing that connection and leading them towards becoming a customer?
  • Are you properly managing your online reputation?
  • Are you being proactive in getting your champion customers to talk about you on the web?

Your Social Media Sites

  • How are you using Facebook and how can you use it more effectively?
  • Are you using LinkedIn as a networking tool? Why not?
  • Twitter is is the greatest online resource for information. Are you using it effectively?
  • Is blogging part of your online strategy? What content can you publish to become known as a thought-leader in your space?
  • What applications on Google are right for your company?


“Corey helped my team and me separate the “wheat from the chaff” regarding social media, communicating, building relationships and marketing over the internet.  He was very prepared for the meeting through his research of our company, its needs, markets and challenges as well as our people which were his pupils for the day .  What he presented, discussed and positioned was very “audience appropriate”, and he was very well received by my team and me as he related well to our situation and what we are trying to accomplish.  What I especially liked is that he did not go over our heads in his approach, he entertained as well as taught, and he left us with tools that we can incorporate in the near and long term in both our work world and personal lives.  From my point of view, he exceeded my expectations and “he did great”! ”

Mark Haugland, District Sales Manager

“I initially found Corey’s book on Amazon doing a search to help myself, as an internet dinosaur, learn what I needed to know about updating the internet marketing for my company. As the universe would have it, my assistant received notices about Corey’s Impact Social training programs. We were unable to make his large group session, but he worked with us and offered us a private consultation. In the 4-5 hours that I spent with Corey, I learned so much and how to implement his ideas. And within weeks, I’ve already found some great results from just tweaking some of the things we were already doing. Thank you, Corey!”

Philip Kavesh, Attorney at Law