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This week sort of feels like the eye of the holiday storm – a small break before we batten down the hatches and get in holiday mode once again. It’s a chance to get back to business and finish the year strong.

Small businesses are the heart & soul of our local communities, and they need our support. 

Unfortunately, as you’ve probably heard me say more than once:
“People are more motivated when they’re unhappy than when they’re happy.”

Everyone reading this (including myself) has been guilty of promising to leave a glowing review for a small business for a positive experience—only to later forget. I want to give us all the opportunity to right those wrongs. 

Key Takeaway 🔑
Check out my ‘Small Business Challenge’ video above—which outlines three things we can do this week to show public support for our favorite local small businesses online. 

Action I want you to take: 
Accept my challenge and tag me (@CoreyPerlmanSpeaks on IG or @CoreyPerlman on FB), as well as the small business you are recognizing! You’ll feel great knowing you supported a local business, and they will love to read your kind words! 

Be sure to stay tuned each week for more tips from my series Minute Mondays! 1 Minute ⏰ 1 Tip 💡

Have an awesome week! 



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