You bet it can! 

I recently spoke for the Automotive Training Institute (ATI) and delivered a 1-hour Social Media Masterclass for them. I received the video recording of the talk and then sent it to my friend, Clint Hawkins, to review. Clint then took the video and asked ChatGPT 4 to watch the video and create a summary. At the bottom of this email is that summary, and I can tell you—it’s pretty spot on! 

He then asked ChatGPT 4 to create a LinkedIn post (using Emojis!) and a 2000-word blog post—all done within seconds. Within a few minutes, I have a week’s worth of content for my business. 

Now, getting ChatGPT to create summaries of your videos does take the upgraded, paid version (I think it’s about $5 a month) and a few plugins. Clint was kind enough to demonstrate exactly how he did this in the video below: 

The opportunities with these new AI tools are limitless—and we’re only just beginning to uncover them. 

How can you use AI and ChatGPT 4 to summarize your videos? Can you see the time it can save in creating endless amounts of blog and social media content? I sure can! And can’t wait to experiment more in the coming months. 

If you’re interested in learning more about ChatGPT and other AI tools, Clint has a great blog on the subject. 

Have a great rest of your week! 




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