3️⃣ Strategies to Connect & Engage on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media site where business gets done. Finding more ways to connect and engage with the right people is how to get more out of the B2B platform. 

Here’s a 3-step process to expand your network and create new mutually-beneficial relationships.

Comment, Repost, and Connect ⤵️

COMMENT—Go to your favorite company or industry page and find something that might resonate with you and move you to comment on or add value.

If you don’t have anything to add, you can always pose a question to get the conversation started.

REPOST—Find a post or article from another page that perhaps your audience might be interested in. In the example below, we used an upcoming webinar. Hit the repost button and repost with YOUR thoughts.

Add a little bit of context on why you’re sharing it/why it’s important to you/why you feel like your particular audience might be interested, and post it to your page.

CONNECT—Find one person to reach out to and connect with—an employee of a business or publication or a person who commented that you feel might share similar values/perspectives.

When you’re connecting, it is important that you take it a step further by including a note or introductory information about yourself and why you want to connect. How do you set yourself apart from all the spam out there?

A busy travel schedule = a video takeover! Turn your sound on and enjoy this best practice from my better half, Jessica Perlman!

Follow this process with businesses you’d like to work with, and watch your connections grow! 



In a world cluttered with curated content and polished posts, Authentically Social is your ticket to breaking free from the facade and building a real connection with your digital audience.