Authentically Social Spotlight | Going Beyond Business on LinkedIn

On the first #AuthenticSpotlight episode, I shared a story about my friend Joe and the recent post he made on LinkedIn. He decided to dedicate a post to one of his mentors and asked others to join in on the conversation as well. By giving sincere appreciation and turning the spotlight away from himself, he received more likes, comments, and shares than any of his previous posts that month. 

This week, I’ve found another example where someone veered off from the standard business focus and decided to highlight one of their passions. Amber is an art enthusiast and a lover of butterflies, and she recently had amazing experience marrying those two interests together. The response was incredible, proving that people on LinkedIn are genuinely interested in the things that matter to you beyond just business.

🚀 Why it Matters:

LinkedIn isn’t just a platform for business updates and professional achievements. It’s a place where real connections happen, and where your unique personality shines through. When you share your passions and interests, you’re inviting others to connect with you on a more personal level. It humanizes your profile and makes you more relatable.

Tune in and watch Episode 02: From Art to Engagement to hear the full story ⤵️

🎬 Authentic Action:

Don’t hesitate! If you have a hobby, interest, or passion that you’d like to share, go ahead and post about it on LinkedIn. It could be a painting, a travel adventure, a cooking experiment—whatever brings you joy. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the engagement and connections it can generate.

Remember, authenticity is key. Share what you’re passionate about, and you’ll be amazed at the meaningful connections it can foster. Let’s get out there and make LinkedIn a place of true connection!



In a world cluttered with curated content and polished posts, Authentically Social is your ticket to breaking free from the facade and building a real connection with your digital audience.