Vector social media iconsSometimes when I’m doing artwork for my blog posts, I find that I have a need for super high-quality, transparent social media icons that we’re all familiar with. Google Image Search is pretty much useless for high quality vector art, and going to each site’s press area is too time-consuming and some don’t have what you’re looking for.

Over my internet travels, I have found some awesome sources for social media icons and other brand logos, and I figured I’d share them here in case anybody else needs them.

The first site is IconDock. They have a regularly updated “Vector Social Media Icons” pack, which is an Adobe Illustrator file containing every single logo in their pack as well as transparent-background .PNG files of each logo. It’s an immensely high-quality and useful collection.

The second is Steven Trotter who has made available very high quality vector icons for Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, and more.

Last is Brands of the World, which provides a vast number of global corporate and brand logos in high quality vector format.

If you ever needed to use an icon or logo for your blog posts or other marketing work, I hope these resources are useful!