Often times, your Website won’t win you the sale, but it can easily lose it for you. Here are five mistakes that will frustrate your Website visitors and have them running towards your competition:
In Layman’s Terms:
1. Needs to be ‘Thumb Friendly’ – easy to navigate from a mobile phone.
2. What do you do? If a visitor can’t figure that out within five seconds, then you’re doing it wrong.
3. What makes people feel safe to buy from you? What makes them say, “oh wow!” or “impressive!” Examples are clients you’ve worked with, testimonials or awards you’ve won.
4. How can people contact you to spend money with you? Make it easy to find that information. Hint: Contact button is not enough. Put it right on the homepage!!
5. Does your site look old and dated? If you haven’t given it a refresh in two years or more, than it does. It doesn’t cost a ton of money to give your site a fresh coat of paint and is probably costing you more money not to do it.
If you need a brand new site or just a refresh, reply here and send me a note. I’ll introduce you to my favorite web designer.
Make it a Great Day!