Never Forget That You’re Easily Forgettable

Sorry, that was harsh. But it's true. There is an old sales adage that it takes seven touchpoints to convert a prospect into a customer. Arguably, that number has doubled, even tripled, with the rise of digital and the fall of our attention spans. But you can’t get past the first touchpoint if you fail [...]

Where’s Your Digital Black Ice?

When I lived in Michigan, the words 'black ice' would keep me off the roads for weeks. Being from Florida, I never learned the tricks for safely driving my car when it was suddenly on skis. Turn right if you're skidding left? Or was it turn into the skid? I don't think I ever got above 15 [...]

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5 Website Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Often times, your Website won't win you the sale, but it can easily lose it for you. Here are five mistakes that will frustrate your Website visitors and have them running towards your competition: In Layman's Terms: 1. Needs to be 'Thumb Friendly' - easy to navigate from a mobile phone. 2. What do you [...]

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Google Analytics – Measuring Your Website So You Can Improve It

A friend of mine used to run a company that showed software developers how to create better software; on time and on budget - not an easy task when you consider the complexities involved in creating computer programs. The difference, he told me, between organizations that did it right and everybody else was measurement and [...]

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Fill in the gaps that Google Analytics leaves behind with Mint stats

I wrote an article earlier today about tweaking Google Analytics for social media search results, and it made me remember how useful Mint stats has been for my personal site. Mint fills in a lot of gaps that Google Analytics leaves behind. It's a really great way to get a quick glance at how your [...]

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Obama vs McCain – Which Website wins?

With so much of the Internet world focused on these two candidates, I figured I'd throw my hat in the ring. And as a self-proclaimed Internet propeller head, that hat would look something like this: Instead of ranting and raving about the issues and which man is right for the job, I'm going to make [...]

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