Gone are the days of questioning whether social media is an effective marketing strategy. We’ve either seen success ourselves or watched as others have created awareness, stayed ‘top of mind’ or increased leads. But with every successful social media success story, there are many others flailing about, wondering why they can’t move the proverbial needle. I’ve pondered this question over the past few years and believe that the answer lies in the way most businesses approach their overall digital strategy. Instead of putting human connection at the forefront of their content strategy, they took an artificial approach with automation and curated content from outside sources.
Twitter is my favorite example of this massive swing. When it first launched, it was a platform of people connecting with people. Today, it’s dominated by bots, automated direct messages and pre-populated content. There’s very little authentic about it anymore. And thus, it’s lost its luster. And it’s happening on all social platforms.
So…let’s talk about you and your business. If I check out your digital footprint, what will I see? Is it made up of a mix of engaging content that is worthy of your customers and prospects? Or is it a sea of curated content with no connection to your identity? Would you consider yourself to be authentically social?
Here are a few questions I want you to think about: 
Your answers above should be at the heart and soul of your overall digital footprint.