Is Staying ’Top of Mind’ with prospects from the time they’re in research mode to when they’re ready to buy.
And doing so without frustrating or annoying them.
Here are just some of the ways we help our clients stay connected to their audience:
And here are a few best practices for maximum effectiveness:
Value, value, value. People are savvy and generally know how to work with you. Focus your content on value and use trust and credibility as your primary sales focus. When they are ready, they’ll let you know.
Stay consistent. We’ve had people that were connected with us for years prior to becoming clients. You want to be there when they are ready. That could be today or that could be a year from now. Stay consistent and you’ll stay on their radar.
Multimedia. Videos and images are key. Social media is moving fast toward images/video and away from written content. Make sure you’re mixing in multimedia.
Don’t go it alone. If left up to me, you’d never receive an email and very few social media posts. I have a powerful team behind me that helps take my content and turn it into Snackable pieces perfect for posting.
Our clients love having a Digital Marketing Armada behind them. If you’d like to chat about sending our armada your way, email me ( and we can discuss your needs.