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Take the #SmallBizWeek Challenge!

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! This week sort of feels like the eye of the holiday storm - a small break before we batten down the hatches and get in holiday mode once again. It's a chance to get back to business and finish the year strong.Small businesses are the heart & [...]

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Holiday Season is Here – Is Your Marketing Ready?

The Holiday season has arrived, and for many of us that means cooler temps, corn mazes, and pumpkin spice! In the digital marketing world we shift our focus to the 4th quarter and the arrival of the Holiday Gauntlet!  At Impact Social, we want to help you make sure you properly acknowledge the traditions and [...]

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Boost Engagement with Video

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! Creating video content connects us more with your brand. At Impact Social, we encourage our clients to shoot at least one piece of video content per month. We often recommend interviews as a way to facilitate more opportunities to capture value-rich videos. The goal? To be the industry [...]

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Getting Positive Reviews

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! We focus so much on what we should post on social. I want you to flip that on its head and think about how you can get your customers to post more about YOU on social.As you have heard me say before, people are more motivated when they [...]

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A B C E ✔️ Always Be Collecting Emails

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! It’s getting harder for people to just give you their information. Think back to a time when you recently gave your email away - what was the reason? The offer? What made you say, "here you go!"? Q. How can you create an offer/giveaway so irresistible that [...]

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Are You Using a Content Calendar?

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! Key Questions to ask yourself or your team: 1) Do We Have a Content Calendar? 🗓 Do you know what to post before the dreaded, "what should I post?!?" This is essential when it comes to social media content management and sanity! A content calendar gives you a [...]

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Want to reach younger buyers?

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! If you’re like me, you’ve spent your entire social media existence navigating the newsfeed vertically - scrolling from top to bottom on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The younger generations have grown up navigating social media much differently - scrolling left to right (think IG/FB Stories, Snapchat, [...]

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To @Tag or Not to @Tag – that is the question!

Should you tag people? Absolutely! Tagging people gives you the opportunity for more engagement! But on today's #MinuteMonday, I also explain when NOT to tag to avoid being downgraded by the algorithm. Listen below for my tips on when and when not to tag a person or business. Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute [...]

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Get Better Algorithm Juice 📈

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! A question I’m often asked is: Should I share my video content to one platform and syndicate across the rest, OR should I share it to each individual platform? 🧐 Watch the video above to hear my answer. I doubt you were shocked by the answer, as [...]

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Personal Brands vs. Business Brands

Click above to watch Corey's latest Minute Monday! This week's Minute Monday is...well...15 minutes. But I promise it's time well spent! I chatted with Fred Weiss on the topic of brand awareness. Specifically, we talked about whether or not to separate your personal and business brand, how paid media plays a role in building your brand, and [...]

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