Going Live isn’t just limited to Facebook anymore…LinkedIn has officially introduced their Live feature for beta testing! You currently need to use a third-party tool to broadcast your Live video, so I’ve gone Live using a great tool called Streamyard.com.
On my first LinkedIn Live, I offer some ideas to see better results in 2020 from your digital marketing efforts, and help maximize your effectiveness:
1. Prioritizing your platforms: You may have heard me say this before, but it’s okay to say no to Snapchat! Or TikTok! Or any other new site that pops up in 2020. Figure out where your target demographic is – concentrate on the social sites (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) where you KNOW your audience is and do them really, really well, rather than be distracted by a newer tool that may or may not do anything for your business.
2. Focus on video, specifically Stories: If Facebook and Instagram, two of the biggest platforms, are focusing prime real estate on Stories, it’s probably something your should think about adding to your marketing strategy. How can we utilize this to ensure we’re reaching as many people as possible?
3. Consider an episodic strategy: There are great opportunities to do Live video on Facebook, and now LinkedIn. Figure out how you can build momentum with your videos over time. What would feel right to you and your audience, like a question of the week, tip of the week, etc. Something that adds value – be a resource. 
Have you applied for Linkedin Live yet? You can apply here.
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