It is a challenging time for everyone – we’re all facing a new normal (at least for the foreseeable future), and trying to make the most out of a scary and unpredictable situation. Our team is looking for ways to support you during this difficult period.
So what do we do with our unexpected downtime? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when assessing and planning for your online presence during the next 60 days:
1. Do a digital audit. Use this time to make improvements to your Website, Directories and Social Media Profiles.
2. Don’t sell. Find ways to serve and help your community.
3. Do engage. Like, comment or share other people’s content. It takes very little time, but can mean a lot to your connections.
4. Don’t autopost. Stop all pre-published posts, emails and blogs – only publish well thought-out content that relates to today’s environment.
5. Do connect. In times of isolation, technology is our only means of connection. Schedule a Facebook Live or Zoom session to stay connected with your community.
6. Don’t worry. This too shall pass, and doing the steps above will help you hit the ground running when it does!
Yesterday, I went Live on LinkedIn with our VP of Digital Marketing, Jodi Alcock, where we addressed even more best practices for navigating social media during this time. Check it out below!