A question we’ve been getting a lot from our clients over the last few weeks (and looking ahead a few weeks) is what kind of communication should we be putting out to clients, prospects, just in general to our community?
The answer is:
Freemium: offering high value content that is completely free. By doing this, you can solidify your base, while also opening up to new possibilities. Ask yourself the question “How can I help?”
Figure out ways to deliver valuable content to your current, existing clients- solidifying your base. For example, many gyms immediately went into value-mode – offering free daily workouts for their members to do at home.
While we do that, there is also potential to reach more than just current clients with this free content. Maybe people in addition to your members will find it valuable, and in exchange for an email address or connection on social media, you’re ale to grow your audience. This gives people the opportunity to use your services and become a client, either now or when things get back to normal.
Our team is getting our clients together virtually on Zoom for a party – not even business-related! It will be a time for cocktails, games, and – most importantly – connection. What can YOU do to creatively get your community together?
Premium: as we move forward, we have to get back to business. This is an opportunity for us to do business with each other differently than we ever have before. Find different solutions that you can provide virtually – maybe it’s something like consultation services via zoom – that you can offer at a reasonable economic price.
It is important to make sure that our hearts are in the right place – that people know that we’re here to serve and help – and then we can slowly move into these new opportunities. It may look different that what you usually offer, but this is a great opportunity for us to get creative as we navigate this “new normal” for our businesses.
Check out more in my LinkedIn Live video below!