How are you staying in touch with colleagues, clients, friends, family in this time of self-isolation? I know we’ve all been on seemingly endless amounts of video calls at this point – sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them all! “Will my one meeting finish in time for me to join the next one?” “Is it on Zoom, or WebEx, or Google Hangouts?”

Now Facebook is throwing their hat into the video chat ring as well as they are set to launch Messenger Rooms – a group video chat feature to compete with these other services.

Facebook users will soon be able to create a video chat via Facebook or the Messenger app and invite up to 50 people – even if they don’t have a Facebook account – and there will be no time limits on the calls!

The thought is that, by doing this, Facebook with be able to capitalize on the millions of its users already regularly using the voice and video chat features in Messenger and WhatsApp and offer them a way to chat with multiple people at once.

Once it becomes available, you can create a Room in the Messenger app or section on the website, go to the People tab, click Create a Room, and then select the people you want to join. You’ll be able to send a link to share a room with people who don’t have a Facebook account, and you can also share the room on your News Feed.
Facebook also plans to add ways to create Rooms from Instagram or WhatsApp as well.
What do you think? Will you be trying out Facebook Messenger Rooms? Or do you think there are too many options out there already?
Check out more about Facebook Messenger Rooms HERE.