I recently had the opportunity to speak with CBT News about how to offer value to your customers and support local communities using social media in the age of Coronavirus.
Here are some tips from our interview:
Q: What is your recommendation when it comes to using social media to sell during a pandemic?
A: Every week is different, but would leave a bad taste in our mouths if everything was approached as “business as usual.” We still need to conduct business – we just have to be aware of the context. So think about ways to serve and to help, and by doing that, people know that they can come to me for a deeper dive for more premium content.
Q: Who should be actively posting on social media?
A: I think everybody should. One of the biggest mistakes businesses could make right now is to put our proverbial heads in the sand and just wait for this all to go away. It is really important to communicate and connect right now. Offer value, and figure out how you can serve your audience while they’re stuck at home. This is an important time to solidify your base, so, more than just a mass email or social post, pick up the phone and connect with your clients. Show them you’re thinking about them.
Q: How do you find new leads via social media during a crisis like this?
A: Uncertain times create opportunities. At the moment, digital advertising is on sale – Facebook ads, Instagram ads, even Linkedin ads are at a discount. Not a lot of people are doing them, so there’s an opportunity to grow your brand that way. I’ve also been telling people to concentrate on increasing your audience by 10%. We all have extra time, so I suggest taking some of that time to grow your Linkedin connections by 10%, or your email database by 10%.
Q: What are some content tips to stay top of mind with prospects?
A: Serving and adding value, specifically over video. A lot of businesses have been either fearful of or intimidated by video, so now that we have that extra time on our hands, it’s a great opportunity to sharpen those skills. Connecting over video could be via Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or prerecorded video.
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