I was having a conversation with my wife the other day around this mentality right now of being productive or being paralyzed in these uncertain times, and I wanted to share a few highlights from that conversation with you.
I totally get it if you fall into the paralyzed category – sometimes all we can do is just lay in bed, or look for ways to distract ourselves from the things that stress us out.
One thing I’m trying to do with my business is to make a choice to be productive instead of paralyzed. What I mean by that is taking action on things I may not have taken action on if this pandemic hadn’t happened – things like updates on my website, creating my virtual studio, finishing up a book, making over my LinkedIn profile. These are all things that I have control over, things that were in my important-but-not-urgent box that I had yet to get to before the pandemic happening.
I feel like if I get some of these done each day, that I’m better off (in some ways) by this all happening than if I just continued doing things day-in and day-out, ignoring the areas in my life that are most stressful – and a big part of that is absolutely my business.
What can make you more productive? How can you make a choice each day to be more productive instead of being paralyzed in fear?
Some things you could consider doing digitally for your business during this time that may have been put on the back burner until now:
  • Website updates– adding current information to your website that isn’t on there right now.
  • Social media audit– making sure that your content is matching, both from an aesthetic point of view as well as what you’re saying – is it relevant to the times we’re in?
  • Check in with your clients– make sure your clients are being as taken care of as you possibly can. Reach out to them and making sure they’re feeling the love.
Make a choice every day – we can either be paralyzed in fear, or we can be productive. Let’s choose to be productive this week.
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