This past week, I got the chance to take over the National Speaker’s Association Instagram account for one day. As a 10+ year member, I took the opportunity to share reasons why I’m a devoted member and help promote their national conference coming up in July. It provided me with some positive exposure, their followers seemed to enjoy the unique content, and they got to take a day off from posting content. A win-win-win! 
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And to see my takeover, check it out HERE.
This is just one of many ways to allow others to become the hero in your digital story. By turning the spotlight around to others, we can keep our content fresh and interesting to our followers. 
And sometimes the heroes don’t have to be human! 
Cindy owns a beautiful and quaint bed and breakfast called The Purple Martin Inn. She came to us looking for guidance on how to use social media to drive more business. As I scanned her pages, I saw beautiful pictures of the Inn and its lovely surroundings in the quaint town of Rogers City, Michigan. But the pages lacked engagement, and so I knew something was missing. Cindy invited my family and me to stay at the Inn over the summer. We fell in love with the place and discovered the real reason this place was called the Purple Martin Inn. Cindy had created a sanctuary for Purple Martins—a beautiful bird native to Brazil that traveled to Michigan for the summer months. She treated these birds like they were her children—she knew precisely how many came and how many babies were in each nest. It was a beautiful, magical scene. 
And it needed to be part of her social media strategy. 
When Cindy makes her Purple Martins the hero of her posts, her engagement soars. (#PunLove) 
Here are some additional ways to make others the hero of your digital story: 
  • Interview clients 
  • Spotlight internal team members 
  • Highlight experts in your industry 
  • Feature your furry friends 
  • Show love to other local businesses 
  • Share content from your favorite online resources 
So how can you turn the spotlight outward on your digital platforms? 
Use the month of July to feature new heroes and see if your engagement results in a happy ending to your digital story! 
Have a great rest of the week!