Happy Friday, Cool People!
I’ve been on the road the past two weeks, and in both presentations, I encouraged my audiences to take The One-Take Challenge!
So, what is the One-Take Challenge? I am glad you asked. The One-Take Challenge is shooting a video for social media, knowing that you only have one take to do it. No editing, no redoing, just shoot and share.
But why take the One-Take Challenge? Because in the world of social media, perfectionism is the true enemy of progress. Consistency is what matters, and those who wait to get the perfect take get passed by those who post more frequently.
Take this video I’ve included below as an example. I had recently shot a promo video for an upcoming keynote using one of my favorite tools called Clips. I loved the fact that it automatically added closed captions (subtitles) to my video. I had the idea that others would find the tool valuable as well. But I had just been on a walk with the family and was not in my normal video shooting mode. But then I thought, who cares?!? So I went outside and shot the video anyways. It seemed to resonate and make an impact with my audience—and no one cared that I had a hat on, that I hadn’t shaved, and that I said ‘Um’ quite a bit.
Was it perfect? Heck no. But it was good enough—and sometimes good enough is enough.
So, will you take the one-take challenge? The next time you have an idea or best practice you want to share with your tribe, stop what you’re doing and take the One-Take Challenge—I would love to see it! Please tag me on social or reply here and let me know where to go to see it. And use the hashtag #OneTakeChallenge.
Enjoy your weekend!