1) Watch this video:
This is a 3-minute clip from a recent keynote about being the wise owl instead of the squawking parrot.
2) Check out this app: Gemini Photos. It’s really cool. It scans your phone’s photo library and helps you delete duplicates and blurry photos. In less than 10 minutes, I had deleted over 300 photos. It also helps you easily clear out old, unwanted videos that take up huge amounts of space. It’s free for a few days and then has a monthly fee.
3) Action I want you to take: “If you feel it, record it.” Too often, we wait for the perfect moment or try to schedule a time to record. Instead, if you have an idea or thought that may be helpful to your audience or a customer is raving about their experience, pull out your phone and hit record. You may never use it, but most likely, you will!
4) Book Rec: You’re Kind of a Big Deal (By my dear friend Erin King) Erin does an incredible job of empowering people and motivating us to reach our full potential. I always feel better after my conversations with her, and this book will do the same for you. Go check it out!
5) Podcast Rec: Anne Lamott is the author of the amazing book, Bird by Bird. She has an incredible way with words and helps us get over the barriers of being consistent writers/producers/creators. I hope you find this conversation as valuable and fascinating as I did.
P.S. Tim might be the greatest interviewer I’ve ever heard. I learn so much in the art of asking good questions.