I’ve been hearing this phrase in one form or another for most of my adult life. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours, do this and I’ll return the favor, so on and so on. The bottom line is it’s nice to work out a deal when both parties win. In the Internet marketing world, there is a perfect opportunity to scratch each other’s backs, return the favor and practice the Law of Reciprocity!

It’s called doing a “Link Exchange” or “Reciprocal Link” and it can help both Web site’s improve their Google PageRank – which is a critical factor in your Web site’s Google ranking. The idea behind a link exchange is to add a link to another Website on your site and, in return, they put your link on their Website. As an example, you say to your local Chamber of Commerce that you will add their link to your site if the chamber adds your link on their site. That’s a link exchange!

So my suggestion is to create a “Partners and Resources” section on your Website where you can house the links you have generously agreed to put on your site. Once there, the other party should have no problem adding your link to their site and completing the win-win agreement.

Your Action: Think of two Websites TODAY that you can go to, find a phone number and contact to do a link exchange. Say the following:

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