Good Morning,

Part of my job is to make sure you are ON TOP of the NEW tools available to help you grow your business. Have you heard of Google Voice? Well, it just came out and it ROCKS!

Here’s the deal – you sign up for a FREE account with Google and you get to choose a new phone number that will ring to whatever phone you want (cell, home, office, or all of the above). Now, there’s lots of features that I haven’t played with yet, but I’ll share one that I think is a fantastic tool for a salesperson. When someone leaves a voicemail, Google emails me the transcript as seen below. Yes, I called myself and left a message. Why is this so cool? Well, it’s easier to respond and keep track of messages, you can forward LEADS to other people, you can prepare for the call better, and you can play the message right from your email! It also sends a text with a preview of the message.

Did I mention this is completely free?

anyway, go sign up and play around with it – you’ll love it!

all the best,


From: Google Voice <>
Date: July 1, 2010 9:52:29 AM EDT
Subject: New voicemail

Voicemail at 9:50 AM

Hey Corey. It’s Corey. Hope you’re doing well man. Just want to get back to you on the eboot camp presentation. Look forward to meeting up. Gimme a call and we’ll touch base. Thanks a lot. Take care.
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