Prospects don’t wake up each day thinking about you…

If they did, life would be a lot easier. 

That’s why it’s so important to stay ‘Top of Mind’ using multiple digital marketing channels. My favorites are:

1. E-mail marketing

2. Blogging

3. Social Media updates

And if you focus on helping instead of selling, people will stay with you for weeks, months, and even years. They may not be ready to buy today, but they will buy eventually. If you run an effective content marketing strategy, you can be on their radar when that time comes.

Just today, I received an email from a tennis shop congratulating Novak Djokovic on his win and, in honor of that win, offered a nice discount (value) on his racquet. I happen to be in buy mode and they made a sale.


1. Make sure you’re collecting emails, adding blog subscribers and building an audience on social media.

2. Offer value

3. Stay consistent


Help me #KeepDadOffTwitter!

I need your help. On July 22nd, my dad turns 70-years-old. And for his birthday, he’s asked me to help him get on Twitter. Like so many others, dad has resisted the urge to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. I couldn’t be prouder of my dear old dad. You see, I’ve written a book entitled Social Media Overload that helps professional men and women avoid the trap of being a Jack of All Social Media Sites, Master of None.

Dad doesn’t need to be on every social media site and neither do you. Dad’s audience is not on Twitter and I fear he will reach OVERLOAD status if he takes on another social media site. By purchasing the book on his birthday (July 22nd), that will prove to dad that you agree that we’d rather him enjoy his new Grandchildren than Tweet about it. 🙂

Will you help me? There’s also something in it for you! Go to and receive over $2,500 in content from my favorite marketing experts when you buy the book that day. Put it in your calendar and tell your friend! Thank you so much for your support! 

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