Everyone has a story. But what about an Instagram Story? If you have yet to use the feature with any regularity, make 2020 the year you start (or amplify) your Stories.

The reason I think Instagram Stories are so important today is because using Stories will help you reach a larger audience you might be currently missing. There is a primary demographic (ages 25-40) that don’t scroll through the news feed, they only navigate through their feed horizontally. That’s a huge chunk of buyers that are missing your content. 

Instagram Stories give you more of an opportunity to share an EXPERIENCE than your traditional news feed posts, because you use a series of photos or videos to tell your story. Stories are a great opportunity to be Authentically Social, to bring more of YOU. So when you’re thinking about posting to your Story, ask yourself: what is your unique perspective? How can I showcase more and add more value? Also, think about if are you better in front of the camera, or using pictures, graphics, etc., and plan your Stories around your strengths.
Are hashtags important in Stories? Yes, but it’s a little bit different than in your traditional Instagram posts. You can search for a hashtag (for example, #roswellrealestate) and then go up to the circle and check out if it’s been used in any stories, if it’s popular, and then decide if you want to use it. You’ll want to use your business hashtags, common industry hashtags, local hashtags.
Don’t go crazy with them, but keep in mind the ones that make the most sense for you and your business.
Part of the excitement is that Stories come and go quickly, disappearing after 24 hours. BUT, if you have a particularly important or exciting story or series of stories, you can save them as a highlight so that they can be accessed as permanent story on your profile.
When it comes to Instagram Stories, just play around with it! There is so much you can do, so try out the different features and which ones work best with what your business can offer. Try posting to your Story at events, or you can create opportunities via testimonials or addressing FAQs. But give it a shot, and let me know how it goes for you!
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